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Chicago update!!!

There are about 25 of you who still have not registered for this trip through green light tours - do this today!!

There has been a little confusion about how payments are going to work so hopefully this will help………..

EVERYONE HAS ALREADY PAID $50 TOWARD THEIR TRIP but this money has NOT YET BEEN CREDITED to the account at Green Light. Rest assured it WILL be credited soon. They want the registrations in place first, and then they will credit each of you $50. The price of the trip is $1299, and you have already paid $50 so you only owe $1249 at this point. Some of you paid online an additional $50 so that you could purchase insurance - NO PROBLEM! You just owe $50 less than you did before! Some of your statuses are “pending” because you didn’t pay anything - NO PROBLEM! Its gonna get fixed once everyone actually registers.

BUT MR. DUCKETT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What about the money I earned though my fundraiser? I’m glad you asked! The profits from that (and all other fundraisers) will AUTOMATICALLY get transferred to the green light folks - you don’t have to do anything except sell stuff! These will reflect in charms as well. These funds will get to Green Light well before your next payment is due (which is Oct 16).

BUT MR. DUCKETT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> They are charging me a fee to pay! If you use a credit card, yes - just like a lot of places do. BUT if you set it up to pay from your bank account then there is NO charge. You can also mail them checks if you like.

BUT MR. DUCKETT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have other questions you didn’t answer!!! You do? Then email me directly or call me at 904 343 1999 and I will answer them!